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We’ve been on the road in Canada for the past week or so and are about to board the boat today for our cruise up to Alaska. So here’s a very quick update before I may be out of range for a while.

We’ve loved Vancouver and the Rockies (we went by the Rocky Mountaineer up to Banff and drove back via the Okanagan region). Unfortunately the area has again been beset by severe fires this summer season and the mountains were often obscured by thick smoke haze, which also reduced the air quality. We still explored the area extensively – there’ll be many posts coming up on my return to Australia but in the meantime here is a photo preview. Apologies if I am slow to respond to everyone – Wifi has been intermittent and not sure how we’ll go on the boat or in Alaska. I”ll be back in the blogosphere as soon as I can!

8 thoughts on “Canadian Travels – Le Chic En Road

  1. restlessjo says:

    The views are lovely Rosemay, despite the smoke haze. Our poor world is having a hard time this year. Have a great time in Alaska xx

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    1. Thanks Jo it was still beautiful albeit very hazy as you can see. It has certainly been a hard summer for the northern hemisphere with all the heat and terrible wild fires in many areas such as Greece. We took a chance on going up in the gondola and were lucky it wasn’t as bad in the early morning and we beat the crowds! Thanks looking forward to Alaska should be a very interesting experience. Have a great week xx


  2. Heyjude says:

    I look forward to hearing about the cruise to Alaska, now that’s one cruise I would love to do. Canada is such a beautiful country. A shame about all the fires, seems that no where in the world is safe from wild fires these days.

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    1. Thanks Jude will be writing it all up in due course. Limited internet access so easier to post once back home. First cruise we’ve done! It was a shame that there were so many fires in Canada but it was still a great trip. The weather broke on our last day so hopefully the rain will help the fire fighters contain the fires.

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  3. Recognise a few of these! It was hazy when we were there last year too. Have a great time in Alaska

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    1. Thanks Anabel. I remember your posts from your trip last year and how you talked about the fires and smoke haze then too. It was pretty bad – hopefully things will ease for them now that there has been some rain. On way to Alaska now!

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    1. Thanks Coral it’s a stunning place – shame there was so much smoke around but we still saw some beautiful scenery 😃

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