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Our home from home for a few days was the pretty little town of Spiez, Switzerland. Set on a little inlet leading off Lake Thun, with an impressive castle perched on the hill and boats bobbing around on the marina waters, we couldn’t have asked for a better setting for our first foray into the world of Airbnb.


Our little chalet was part of an apartment block adjacent to the boardwalk that skirts round the marina. With the start of the summer season just getting underway (we were there in May), it was still a quiet and sleepy place – the perfect spot for a relaxing getaway. Compact and cosy, our apartment hosts (we communicated by email) had done everything possible to create a welcoming homely space.  Our daughter, Mlle, who loves cooking, prepared some delicious meals for us. The little balcony off the living room was the ideal place to admire the stunning scenery and watch the world go by.



We were so close to the boardwalk it felt as if we could almost reach out and touch the boats. The near perfect pyramid shape of the Mt Niesen peak (part of the Bernese Alps) dominated the skyline above Spiez (you can take a funicular from Muelenen up to the viewing platform).  The light over the Alps, especially as the sun was starting to set, was amazing. If you were a painter you would have a field day here with soft purple, lilac, and gold hues forming as the sun set over the mountains . Not surprisingly the area has indeed attracted many artists including the Swiss born artist Paul Klee, who did a number of paintings of the landscape including Mt Niesen.



There are a few cafes and restaurants around the boardwalk area but we preferred to eat out during the day and self cater at night. The shops, including a Migros supermarket, are up in the main town about a 10 to 15 minute walk away (and close to the station). There was also a fine looking vineyard just up the road – we didn’t actually go round but still managed to sample plenty of the delicious local wines!

The boat quay was a couple of minutes walk away – from here regular ferries take you down to Interlaken in one direction and up to the city of Thun in the other. We could easily have spent all day lounging on the balcony, reading and just enjoying the tranquility, but we managed to get out and about and do some fabulous day trips. More to follow!


Bluemlisalp - Restored Paddlewheel Steamship Lake Thun

Bluemlisalp – Restored Paddlewheel Steamship Lake Thun


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18 thoughts on “Down By The Boardwalk – Spiez

  1. restlessjo says:

    What a stunning spot! I’m transported there right now. Move up and make room for me on that balcony! 🙂 🙂 Isn’t it bliss? You do have some fine wanderings, Rosemay! Your weekend will have flown by now. Have a good week ahead!

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    1. Blissful is the word Jo – it wasn’t fancy just a lovely homely place with the most wonderful outlook. I’d certainly be happy to make room for you on the balcony – if only we were still there! We’d love to go back sometime – it was so much better value than an expensive hotel and just a priceless location. Have to thank Monsieur – he found it on the Airbnb app and persuaded me to give it a go. Yes the weekend is over now – we have had superb weather for the past few days a real taste of spring but back to cooler wetter weather from tomorrow. Hope you enjoy the Bank Holiday 🙂

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  2. Gilda Baxter says:

    Great location for your first Airbnb. Sounds like there were lots to do around this area? Having an apartment is great, being able to do some home cooking can seriously cut down on expenses, but also gives that feel of being part of every day life in a particular location 😄

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    1. Absolutely Gilda – it was like being part of everyday life in the little town. Not only considerably cheaper but also very enjoyable. Yes there is plenty to do round here. Lovely walks round the lake, the castle to visit or you could swim from the designated jetty area and generally relax. Boats take you up to Thun (about 45 minutes or so) or Interlaken (about 2 hours) or there are regular trains in all directions from Spiez station. We enjoyed staying in the quieter and more relaxed vibe of Spiez rather than the better known tourist destination of Interlaken. We’d love to go back to the little apartment again at some point! 🙂

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  3. Looks stunning. I do like Switzerland!

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    1. Yes we love Switzerland too as you can see! The apartment was a great find – a much better option when staying in an expensive country like Switzerland. Self catering was easy and uncomplicated and the organisation with the booking etc as efficient as you’d expect here. The Lake Thun area is gorgeous – lakes, mountains and we had lovely weather for the most part too 🙂

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  4. Looks so beautiful! Would love to visit Switzerland 🙂

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    1. It’s a wonderful place to visit – the scenery is stunning! Transport is a dream so getting around is easy even to out of the way places. Getting an apartment is a better value for money option than the hotels, which can be very expensive! Hope you get to Switzerland one day! 🙂

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      1. Thanks for all the advice! Me too, really sounds amazing!

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        1. It is an amazing place! 🙂

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  5. What a find Rosemary – looks like a perfect place to stay with some incredible views. We started staying in apartments and houses when our son was little, so much easier with a picky eater and you get so much more space. We still like to mix it up a bit when we go away, sometimes we choose hotels but more and more we lean towards self-catering options (without doing too much catering!).

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    1. This was certainly a really great find Joy! I love Switzerland but it is expensive and we also had our daughter, Mlle, with us most of the time, so this proved to be a real winner (way cheaper than the cost of 2 hotel rooms!). Monsieur had to persuade me though – I was so worried we’d turn up and something would go wrong but it all went perfectly and our hosts were very organised and thoughtful (we didn’t meet them just liaised by email and mobile). We still stayed in a hotel in Montreux for the first part of out trip but did apartments for Spiez and Lucerne (the last couple of days). We always had a big meal out during the day so then we really only needed breakfast and a light evening meal back at the flat so we weren’t fully self catering by any means. We loved the more homely feel of an apartment though and will definitely do this again in the future – hopefully coming back to Spiez! 🙂

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  6. Annette probert says:

    Looks like the ideal place to relax and chill after all your traveling

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    1. It was a lovely spot Annette – a very attractive little apartment and wonderful views! The perfect place in which to relax and unwind 🙂


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