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One of my dreams is to go to the Christmas Markets in Central Europe. Although my adoptive homeland of Australia has many wonderful attributes I never feel it is quite Christmas when it is hot. Somehow it doesn’t seem right to be thinking of going to the beach on Christmas day or planning what to put on the seafood platter this year. I always insist on getting a “real” Christmas tree in spite of the heat and the beautiful scent wafting through the house does transport me briefly back to the European winters of years past.

The Christmas markets will have to wait for another trip but I was lucky enough to find myself in Vienna this Easter just past with Monsieur Le Chic. With the weather being crisp and cold there was a magical feel that was reminiscent of Christmas and the Easter markets were in full swing. All the shops, cafes and restaurants had the prettiest Easter decorations on display mostly “Easter trees” which were large branches decorated with beautiful hand painted eggs and ornaments. We came across a special procession outside St Stephen’s Cathedral with a bonfire burning at the same time obviously another Easter tradition here. It was one of life’s happy coincidences that we found ourselves in the right place at the right time. This must be a very special place at Christmas too but for now “Frohe Ostern” from Vienna!

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