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A pleasant ferry ride across the Puget Sound from Seattle Docks, Bainbridge Island, is a popular destination for a day trip from the city and a magnet for tourists visiting the area.

We went on a Sunday, which was quite busy, but not unpleasantly so. Perhaps the lingering smoke haze from the nearby wildfires in the Washington State hills had deterred visitors. We noticed quite a few people taking their cars across on the ferry. The short boat ride takes just over half an hour. I sat up on deck rugged up hoping the sea breeze would help my flu symptoms (alas not).

The island is quite small (27 square miles in land area) and has a number of different attractions. There are popular walking and hiking trails in particular the Grand Forest and the Fay Bainbridge Park and Campground in the north east of the island, which is a beautiful marine park overlooking the Puget Sound. Since I was feeling quite unwell and feverish we couldn’t do any of the walking trails – it took all my energy to walk the few minutes from the ferry terminal to the “Main Street”, which as its name suggests is the centre of town. I did find a good guide to the “12 Top-Rated Things to Do” on Bainbridge Island here.

Along the Main Street, there is a laid-back arty vibe with plenty of quaint shops and eateries. There are also several museums and places of cultural interest, namely the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art, Bainbridge Island Historical Museum and the Bainbridge Island Japanese American Exclusion Memorial. The Suquamish Museum is actually just across the water on the mainland from Bainbridge Island but you can make the short drive across the Agate Pass Bridge which links the Port Madison Indian Reservation (on which the museum is situated) with the island. The Suquamish are the original inhabitants of the Puget Sound area, “the People of the Clear Salt Water”. The Suquamish Museum sounds a fascinating place in which to discover more about the land, the people and their culture and traditions.

After a brief walk up and down the street and a bit of window shopping we headed into the Amelia Wynn Winery and Bistro for a platter and sampling of some of their delicious wines! Monsieur did more of the wine tasting than I did – the staff were really friendly and welcoming and the ambience charming and laid back.

It was such a pity that I was feeling so under the weather I couldn’t enjoy our visit to Seattle or Bainbridge Island as much as I would have liked. Hopefully the pictures from this post and the previous ones here and here have given you an idea of some of the potential activities on offer and a feel for the area.

We did manage a short stroll by the waterside en route back to the return ferry to Seattle (where we met some local chickens!).

Unfortunately I had to spend the next couple of days in bed trying to recover from the flu (luckily Monsieur was absolutely fine). We did do the short trip on the Seattle Center Monorail out to the Space Needle one afternoon but for some reason I can’t find any photos!

The next day we headed back to Vancouver on the Amtrak Cascades Train.

King Street Station Seattle is an impressive building which deserves a mention – I’ll finish with a few photos of the station and a couple of slightly blurry ones of the journey up the coast back to Vancouver (from where we flew back home to Perth).

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12 thoughts on “Old Trip Seattle – Part 3 Bainbridge Island

  1. We definitely hiked here, though I can’t remember where exactly. And we went to a winery too – again, I can’t remember which one – could have been the same one – but this was 2001 so I think my memory lapses can be forgiven. I do remember it as a lovely day. Such a shame you were so under the weather.

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    1. There are a few hiking trails here Anabel – would have been lovley to do a bit more walking! Yes certainly was unfortunate I caught the flu. The winery was lovely – I looked up the details for Amelia Wynn Winery Bistro (https://ameliawynnwinery.com/) and apparently it was founded in 2008 so wouldn’t have been open when you were there in 2001. I have just looked on google maps and there appear to be at 14 wineries on Bainbridge Island! Evidently a good spot for viticulture πŸ™‚


        1. Yes especially as it’s quite a small island! Not sure you could walk everywhere though – you’d definitely need a car. The ferry comes in at the southern tip of the island – most of the wineries look to be central or in the north.

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  2. Gilda Baxter says:

    Such a shame you were not feeling well. But sounds like you did manage to enjoy this pretty island and a little taste of some delicious food and wine.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We did get a feel for the place Gilda even though couldn’t go too far. I can imagine it would be a lovely place to explore more fully πŸ™‚


    2. Gilda – I have just been reading through your posts about your amazing trip to Brazil, which I am really enjoying. For some reason WordPress will not let me post a comment on your site so am commenting here instead! I can ‘like” the posts though. Maybe it’s because they are older posts? Anyway just wanted you to know I had read them and wanted to comment! Also my sincere condolences on the sad passing of your father – it must have been a tough time for you all xx


      1. Gilda Baxter says:

        Thank you so much for your kindness. Losing my father was very hard, I often think of him and miss him dreadfully.
        Not sure what the problem with the comment situation is, but I will investigate. We are currently in Leeds doing some renovations in property we have, so I have not looked at the blog recently.

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        1. So sorry Gilda must be such a painful tme for you 😦 I’ve tried every way I can think of to post comments on your last posts but it isn’t letting me!
          I’m going to be in Harrogate in a week’s time as visiting my family (haven’t been over since May 2019 and my dad is very elderly now too). I’ll be getting the train up from London to Leeds – assuming all goes well and there are no delays or strikes! Are you there a while?


    3. Just read your first post on Greece too Gilda and encountered the same problem – I get this error message saying I haven’t filled in all the fields which I have so comment can’t be submitted!
      Anyway this was the comment I was trying to post!
      “Another wonderfully detailed post Gilda! The journey sounds so interesting. Have been to Lugano once before when we stayed at Locarno (also in the Italian speaking part of Switzerland) and passed through by train a few times too. I would love to visit Bologna one day too”
      So if you see I’ve “liked” your posts it means I’ve read them! Can’t think what the problem is – I don’t have any problems on other sites obviously some weird technical glitch!


  3. restlessjo says:

    A shame you had to push yourself to go, Rosemay. You might have been better at home, but you do still have a lovely smile. Have a great trip, and take good care of yourself.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Jo! Glad we made the trip to Seattle despite being under the weather. Bainbridge Island was very pretty πŸ™‚

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