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A quick hello from Perth!

Lacking a bit of inspiration recently for the blog as I haven’t much in the way of new travels though hopefully that will change going forward now we are starting to open up.

I captured these photos on a late afternoon walk a couple of days ago. The cloud formation was really unusual – storm clouds mixed with light golden rays as the sun was starting to set. You can spot Monsieur and Winston le Schnoodle in the distance if you look closely.

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4 thoughts on “Late Afternoon walk – clouds gathering

  1. Heyjude says:

    Lovely clouds and great light. I think we are all struggling with not having been able to explore new horizons these past two years. I am just thankful that it is spring here and my flowers bring me joy. We all need to be inspired!

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    1. Thanks Jude! It must be lovely to have the spring flowers and blossom coming out after the winter. I love autumn too as it signifies the end of the really hot weather here though I do realise that would not be the case elsewhere!


  2. Beautiful light and cloud formations.

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    1. Thanks Anabel it just seemed a good moment to take some photos – the light was certainly unusual and very pretty too πŸ™‚

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