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Just by way of a postscript to my last couple of posts about the Ferguson Valley (see here and here) I should mention our base of Bunbury. We were lucky enough to be staying with my cousin for the weekend only a stone’s throw from the seashore.



Back Beach Bunbury


Bunbury is a port city about 2 hours south of Perth and many people just breeze through en route to the Cape Naturaliste/Margaret River area further south. It has a rich colonial heritage and has really reinvented itself as a tourist destination in the last decade or so. You can read up more information here.


A major attraction are the bottle nose dolphins, which often swim close to the beach in the Koombana Bay waters. The Dolphin Discovery Centre is a popular place to visit and learn more about these beautiful creatures.


We didn’t have much time to look round Bunbury itself on our recent visit but we did do a couple of waterside walks, one to the bay and the other in the Back Beach area to Wyalup Rocky Point.


Even if you’re heading on down further south, Bunbury is a great spot in which to break the journey. The town centre has many cafes and restaurants and the nearby beach promenade makes a good place to stretch and unwind!


Guide to Bunbury Waterside Walks


Next week back to complete my Berlin posts after a few weeks hiatus!


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16 thoughts on “Bunbury Waterside

  1. Looks like a gorgeous spot Rosemary – those beaches are incredible. We’ve seen dolphins off the coast in Scotland, the weather was nothing like this but it was very exciting. Would love to experience that again, this looks like the perfect place.

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    1. It’s a very pretty spot Joy – not too many people around when we were there (in November). I’ve seen dolphins in Milford Sound NZ and it was an incredible experience. Didn’t see any down in Bunbury this time but the Dolphin Discovery Centre would be worth going round at some point. Certainly the weather would be a little warmer than Scotland or South Island NZ!

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  2. restlessjo says:

    Nice lighthouse Rosemay. It looks a very pleasant place to spend some time. Enjoy your weekend xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Jo – always love a stroll by the beach whatever the weather and I love lighthouses too! Have a lovely weekend as well xx

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  3. Can you please send some of that sunshine!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Will try and bottle it up and send it over! We’ve been having a lovely summer (mild by our standards) and lots of days in the 20s so happy with that! Sometimes it is simply too hot but fingers crossed so far…..!

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  4. Simply lovely. (Suzanne)

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    1. Thanks Suzanne – very pleasant walking by the sea 🙂


  5. Heyjude says:

    I remember we had a fabulous breakfast in Bunbury on our way down to Augusta.

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    1. There’re some great cafes and restaurants there now Jude. Back in the day, when we first got here, the saloon in the town centre was about it! The back beach is a couple of minutes drive from town if you want to have a quick stroll. Love Augusta – we’ve stayed there a couple of times (when kids were small) but tend to favour Yallingup or Margaret River these days as they’re closer to attractions such as the wineries!! 🙂

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      1. Heyjude says:

        I haven’t written about any of my previous Aussie trips other than to the Red Centre. Only pre-digital photos though, so it will take some doing, but I ought to do at as I have seen some wonderful places.

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        1. Yes you ought to write about your Aussie travels – would love to hear your perspective!

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Heyjude says:

            Well I am not doing so much overseas travelling nowadays so I will have time to delve into the past – best to do so before I forget them!

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Yes definitely – will still be interesting to read even if it was a while ago 😃


  6. lincolnlifesite says:

    Reblogged this on Lincoln Life Blog.

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    1. Thanks for your interest in Le Chic En Rose – will be over to check out your blog soon!


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