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We have just returned from a long weekend away for the wedding of La Chic Maman where, despite being only 45 minutes away from the centre of Perth, we were out of both mobile and internet range – quite a novel experience!

It occurred to me that there are probably a lot of misconceptions about winters in Australia (yes it does snow especially in the Australian Alps) and here in our little corner of WA we experience distinct seasons unlike the tropical north. Perth and the South West are categorised as a Mediterranean climate with long, dry and hot summers and cool to mild, wet winters. We do get howling storms slamming into us from the Indian and Southern Oceans but the in between days, when it is calm and clear at night and crisp and sunny during the day, are among the most beautiful times of the year.

Last weekend after fierce storms earlier in the week when we were almost blown away, we had the most magnificent weather for the “wedding weekend” imaginable. Yes the nights were chilly (and starry) but we had the benefits of warm log fires in our country homestead hideaway (Yarrabah Homestead and Retreat near Jarrahdale WA). The days were in the high teens, sunny and warm enough to sit out and eat al fresco. The wedding reception was at the beautiful Millbrook Winery Jarrahdale, less well known than its more famous counterparts in the Margaret River wine region and the Swan Valley, but no less idyllic.

On the day after the wedding we had a lazy Sunday lunch with platters of cheese, pates, biscuits, cold meats and olives sitting out on the winery veranda basking in the winter sun. Yes we were still wearing jumpers and scarves but my dad visiting from England was incredulous. It reminded him of a pleasant Indian summer back home. A couple of days later we awoke again to the sound of wind and rain lashing our house. Today it was cold (3 degrees) when I woke up but the sun is shining and the sky is blue again. Such is the variety we experience in the winters here.

Here is a photo gallery I have compiled of our Winter Weekend Weather in WA!

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3 thoughts on “Winter In Western Australia

  1. Rucha says:

    Hi Rose, thanks yet again for this write up on WA-Perth. It got me a lill nostalgic πŸ™‚
    I miss the place and thanks for bringing my momories back to life.. i love the place and plan to visit it again someday soon. Hopefully this time will spend a weekend at, Yarrabah Homestead and Retreat near Jarrahdale


    1. Thanks Rucha am so glad that you enjoyed the post on WA! It certainly is a beautiful part of the world and hopefully you will be able to come back here sometime soon. I can definitely recommend Yarrabah Homestead and Retreat it’s a beautiful place for a getaway and not too far from Perth so is easily accessible, very best wishes Rosemary πŸ™‚


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