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A selection of some of the local dishes on offer. Of course you can get anything you like in Budapest it does have all the usual cosmopolitan eateries you’d expect in a modern city but if you want to try local stuff be prepared for hearty goulashes and stews they definitely don’t hold back on the cream! We did not sample the “Rooster testicles stew” however so I can’t pass comment on that! The local wines are well worth trying the Hungarian Tokay is probably the best known. Even just a street away from the main tourist areas you can find genuine local restaurants and cafes at much cheaper prices. A final note probably our favourite meal was at Krizia (Mozsar Uta 12) in the Opera district of Pest. This was an Italian restaurant with wonderful home-style cooking. The ambience, just like a cosy trattoria, was superb and yet it was not out of place at all in Pest. Off the tourist drag and frequented by locals with wonderful service – well worth a visit!

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